Cystofix® SG

Suprapubic puncture sets based on Seldinger technique

Cystofix® SG is a range of four puncture sets that offer additional safety to suprapubic catheterization thanks to the:

  • Well known Seldinger technique, widely used in central venous catheterization1) and percutaneous nephrostomy.2)
  • 18g puncture needle (1,3 mm) much thinner than most SPC trocars and cannulas (that can be up to 8 mm)

Cystofix® SG comes along with a wide range of exchange sets that allow long term suprapubic drainage when needed.


The set includes:

  • Long handle scalpel
  • Smooth color coded shape dilator from CH10 to CH16 allowing choosing the size which best fits the patient
  • Silicone catheter with integrated low profile balloon
    • For easier removal with reduced risk of cuffing.3)
    • For easier insertion at catheter replacement (no ridge).
    • Can be replaced repeatedly as appropriate over long periods of time4)
  • Seldinger guide wire with flexible tip
  • Spigot
  • 18g (1,3mm) puncture needle of 12cm length that is much thinner than most SPC trocars and cannulas (which can be up to 8mm).
  • Syringe for balloon Inflation
  • 20 ml syringe for injection of anesthetic

Exchange sets from CH10 to CH20


Sets for suprapubic catheterization. Suprapubic catheterization contributes to the prevention of Nosocomial UTI. “There is a lower rate of infection in those with a suprapubic rather than urethral catheters despite the former being used for two weeks or longer.”5)

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