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Arterial and venous safety cannulas for hemodialysis.

The integrated safety mechanism of the Diacan S offers your nursing staff a preventive and effective protection against needlestick injuries and infection risks.
After completion of the dialysis treatment and during removal of the needle, the safety device accomodates the needle in a housing. The needle is completely drawn into the integrated safety device and remains securely in the housing. Risks to users and all those involved in the chain of disposal can thus be avoided. The effectiveness of the safety device of the Diacan S has been
successfully proven in an American comparison study.

Additional information


  • Integrated protective mechanism
  • The protective mechanism is activated as the needle is pulled out, in one movement
  • Effective protection against needlestick injuries, with acoustic safety check
  • The effectiveness of the safety canula is approved by a clinical trial


For more information, please contact:

Sabine Stromberg | Product Manager | Phone: +49 5661 71-4678 | Email: sabine.stromberg@bbraun.com

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