Dialog iQ®

B. Braun's goal with the Dialog iQ was to challenge the thinking of today's current practice.

Drawing on over fifty years’ experience in dialysis systems technology – and working in constant dialogue with healthcare professionals – B. Braun is in an excellent position to ask the right questions in order to make a real difference in dialysis.

  • How can hemodynamic stability be ensured in dialysis patients?
  • What is the right balance between elimination and retention in HDF?
  • Which treatment situations require careful online monitoring in dialysis?
  • How can safety and usability improve patient satisfaction?

HEMODYNAMIC STABILITY The Dialog iQ’s system with two biological inputs designed to give improved information on the patient’s hemodynamic condition.

xevonta HDF Scientific knowledge about the elimination of uremic toxins during HDF has been growing over recent years. Maybe it is not only a matter of elimination anymore.

DIALYSIS DOSE It is important to measure and achieve appropriate dialysis dose for all patients and in all treatment modes (SNCO, HD, HDF).

SAFETY AND USABILITY Ease of use in dialysis equipment means more time to focus on what is most important – the patients.

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Our iQ system

Dialog iQ from the perspective of a senior nurse

The B. Braun Avitum Renal Care Center and Nephrology Outpatient Department B. Braun Plus in Teplice, Czech Republic, has been in operation since September 2019. Fulfilling the highest global standards, it has served more than one thousand chronically ill patients to date. Nearly one hundred of these patients have undergone kidney transplants. Let’s look at the advantages offered to medical staff by the modernization in equipment and facilities.

The head nurse Olga Roučková has been working in the Teplice Renal Care Center from the very first day.

How does she rate the equipment at the facility for the preparation of dialysis solutions and the latest generation of intelligent dialysis monitors - Dialog iQ HDF comfort?

According to head nurse Olga Roučková, the great advantage of the Dialog iQ is the rapid preparation of the machine, because the setting of the machine and the actual rinse out of the blood and dialysate circuit occur in a single step. You don’t have to confirm everything step by step, the levels are set automatically, and it isn’t necessary to tap the capillary tube. If the machine is switched off after disinfection, the testing before the next shift is a couple of minute shorter still.

“For all patients we use an identification card (ID) which includes the basic parameters, and the data from the individual visits is stored on it too. We can monitor many more of the patients’ parameters, which allows us to positively influence their treatment,” reports Roučková. And there are additional advantages: “The new machines also allow us to use the central distribution system for the ECOMix concentrate, which offers many benefits. There is no longer the problem of carrying around canisters, and we don’t have to pour away the remains of the concentrate anywhere. If there is a need to change the concentrate during dialysis, another type is simply selected in the dialysis machine.”

These improvements make it possible for the nurses to concentrate more on patient care. Last but not least, the new system of solution preparation is more eco-friendly because it minimizes the need to use plastics. At first sight a patient does not see the many advantages that the new equipment offers them. But they praise the lower noise levels and more rapid measuring of blood pressure that occurs when the sleeve is inflated. And there is no additional inflating, which can be very unpleasant in the case of frequent measurement.

Olga Roučková, head nurse at the Renal Care Center B. Braun Avitum in Teplice 

Another perspective

Dialog iQ Augmented Reality and 360 degree view