Dialog iQ®

Hemodialysis machine

Dialog iQ serves the needs of professionals with key challenges in daily operations being addressed. Dialog iQ is an adaptive system that learns and supports patient individualization for increasing hemodynamic stability.  It also features a Single-Needle system that is designed for a full treatment quality. For hemodiafiltration (HDF) therapies, Dialog iQ achieves the balance between high elimination of uremic toxins and retention of useful substances such as serum albumin.

Hemodynamic stability

BioLogic Fusion is to date the first biofeedback system that combines two physiological parameters (systolic blood pressure and relative blood volume) to continuously calculate a suitable ultrafiltration rate by an adaptive system that learns and supports patient individualization.  


Dialysis dose and more

It is important to measure and achieve appropriate dialysis dose in all treatment modalities (HD, HDF, Single-Needle). Besides clearance monitoring, Adimea provides even more information, such as recirculation check by observing the curve and early indication of gradual clotting of the extracorporeal circuit.


Single-Needle for a full treatment quality

B. Braun’s new Single-Needle enables constant blood flow through the dialyzer during the whole therapy time. Clinical data proves a higher volume of blood is treated with Dialog iQ than the other system. Thanks to Adimea technology, dialysis dose of single needle therapy can also be measured and achieved.


Optimized HDF

Developed with KUFmax concept, Dialog iQ is able to conduct HDF therapy of high removal of β-2 and significant reduced loss of albumin, as well as higher achievement of prescribed convection volume.



Dialog iQ and the bloodline system (Diastream iQ) are designed to reduce workload in setting up all therapies and operation time. Together with the overall enhanced safety and risk prevention, Dialog iQ gives more time for the conversation between nurses and patients.

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