Compatibility Software

EasyComp is a GMP-validated software for the evaluation of the compatibility of parenteral nutrition regimens for adult and pediatric patients. It allows the user to check whether the chosen composition will be physico-chemically stable or not. If not, EasyComp allows corrective measures to make an unstable regimen stable. The stability statements are based on laboratory tests, which define a window of compatibility. The server-based database will make updates immediately effective for every user. Once the compatibility of a regimen is confirmed, EasyComp allows the user to print the label, the worksheet and the prescription sheet for the patient‘s file. The inbuilt patient management allows to file and review regimens for documentation and to recall previous regimen form the patient’s history. Since EasyComp has to be adapted to country-specific products and local language, please get in touch with us to check available product portfolio in your country.



  • Is a GMP-validated compatibility software
  • Checks for compatibility and stability of a regimen
  • Allows corrective measures to make an unstable regimen stable
  • Provides stability statement and shelf life
  • Prints labels, worksheets (including sequence of mixing) and prescription sheet for the patient file
  • Includes a patient management, which allows to file and review patient’s history
  • Can save and recall standard regimens and regimens from patient’s history
  • Allows individual configuration
Infographic compatibility check of nutrition compounding with Easycomp

EasyComp is the easy way to check the compatibility of a parenteral nutrition regimen, for modified multi-chamber bags as well as for individually compounded bags.

Parenteral nutrition regimens are complex mixtures of a large number of nutrients in various combinations. Physico-chemical compatibility and stability is of particular importance for the safety of the patients.

EasyComp is a software designed to support the pharmacists in their complex task to provide the patient with pharmaceutically stable PN-regimen.