Meliseptol® Wipes ultra

Alcohol-free disinfectant wipes

  • For virucidal preparation of medical devices coming into contact with mucous membranes. Particularly suitable for ultrasound probes
  • Ready-to-use wipes for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices sensitive to alcohol
  • Based on quaternary ammonium compound
  • Active against bacteria, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses as well as bacteria spores
  • 100 wipes per dispenser box – wipes size 140 x 200 mm

Additional information


  • alcohol- and aldehyde-free therefore contains no fixing ingredients for organic contaminations
  • virucidal and sporicidal within 2 minutes – incl. Polyomavirus
  • fast and efficient with all-around protection
  • optimized wipe-dispensing system with «Safe-Lock» feature