OMNI® Machine

OMNI® - One Life Means Everything

OMNI®- One Life Means Everything 

The OMNI® is intended to perform continuous blood purification treatments and therapeutic plasma exchange. The OMNI® in combination with OMNIset®* disposable kits is indicated for patients with acute kidney injury and/or fluid overload and/or intoxication. 

Treatment Effectiveness

  • Compensation of certain therapy interruptions to achieve target renal dose
  • 98 % renal dose achievement with only 5 % down time1
  • Automated blood flow regulation during temporary interruptions to reduce alarms
  • Smart bag-movement recognition to reduce unnecessary alarms and therapy interruptions
  • Patient Care Mode: Alarm limit adjustment, blood flow reduction, treatment pause
  • Automated level regulation in chambers to control sudden pressure deviations.

Therapeutic Flexibility

  • OMNI® offers all CRRT and anticoagulation modes
  • OMNI® allows to switch between different treatment and anticoagulation modalities
  • OMNI® offers Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) in ratio or flow mode
  • OMNI® serves as a platform for other therapeutic specialties as Co2-Removal or other adsorbers according to instruction for use. 

Handling & Design

  • Fully pre-connected Plug & Play OMNIset®*
  • Priming time of only 10 minutes
  • Intuitive user interface with step-by-step guidance
  • Integrated ceramic heater 
  • Barcode scanner to ensure the right OMNIset®* for the right therapy
  • Light and mobile device with a small footprint (62kg) 
  • Battery back-up 30 min
  • Customizable Screensaver 
  • Configurable Day/Night Mode 
  • Adjustable sound level designed to meet the silent ICU concept.

Information Material

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Our Product Brochure
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1) Schläpfer P, Durovray JD, Plouhinec V, Chiappa C, Bellomo R, Schneider A: A First Evaluation of OMNI® , A New Device for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Blood Purif 2017;43:11–171 
* OMNIset® Set Version 3.00 (or higher)