Omnitest® 5 with Bluetooth®

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Meter for measuring blood glucose in capillary and venous whole blood

The new generation of Omnitest® blood glucose meters features a combination of modern design, easy handling, high accuracy and clever extras. Now, the newly integrated Bluetooth® function makes Omnitest® 5 even smarter.

  • Sample volume of 0.5 µL, measurement time of 5 seconds
  • Automatic coding eliminates potential user errors
  • Convenient strip ejector for safe disposal of used test strip
  • Large, bright//illuminated LCD screen and test strip port
  • Target level function to show the difference to the pre-defined target level

Easy data transfer:

  • With Bluetooth, new readings will automatically be transferred to the Omnitest® app
  • Transmit data to your computer with a cable and choose between DIABASS® or diasend®

Measurement accuracy fulfills the tightened requirements of ISO 15197:2013. The device is intended only for in vitro diagnostic use.

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Technical data

How Omnitest® 5 supports me in everyday life

New added features support the user even better within the therapy and make Omnitest® 5 the smart and reliable partner in everyday life.