Aesculap OrthoTray®

Instrument storage system designed to improve efficiency

The new Aesculap instrument storage system is designed to improve efficiency of the entire instrument cycle. This is possible due to the specially designed cleaning friendly IQ instrumentation which has been fully validated for us in the new washing and reprocessing system. The instruments can remain within the storage after the pre-cleaning for the entire preparation process. Work steps such as re-packaging of the instruments after the washing process, are omitted. Packaged in the Aesculap sterile container, Aesculap OrthoTray®s can be transported and stored maintaining sterility.


  • Aesculap OrthoTray® can be used as validated washing system together with the IQ instruments.
  • The graphic stencil enables reliable and quick packaging.
  • The IQ instruments are stored in the Aesculap OrthoTray® in such a way to ensure that all water drained in a proper manner.
  • The colour coding on the tray and the instruments simplifies orientation of instruments and packaging.
  • The large perforation of the Aesculap OrthoTray®s enables a good water flow.
  • Ergonomic closure elements facilitate carrying and prevent an unwanted opening.

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