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With an integrated eMPC algorithm

The SGC Module is a device which determines insulin rate and next sampling time based on the integrated eMPC (enhanced model predictive control) algorithm.


Glycaemia control remains an important therapeutic goal in critically ill patients. The enhanced Model Predictive Control (eMPC) algorithm, which models the behavior of blood glucose (BG) and insulin sensitivity in individual ICU patients with variable blood samples, is an effective, clinically proven computer based protocol successfully tested at multiple institutions on medical and surgical patients with different nutritional protocols. eMPC has been integrated into the B.Braun Space GlucoseControl system (SGC), which allows direct data communication between pumps and microprocessor. In a multricentric study at 17 sites in 9 European countries the clinical performance and safety of the SGC has been assessed in critically ill patients under routine conditions in different ICU settings and with various nutritional protocols.1

Risks in Glucose Management and relating SGC Safety Features:

  • Stopping of the nutrition / carbohydrate infusion without stopping the insulin infusion is a common medication error in insulin therapy.
    -> eMPC automatically gives an alarm to check insulin once the infusion rate of nutrition is changed or stopped.
  • The time of the next sampling interval is often forgotten due to stress.
    -> eMPC automatically gives an alarm shortly before and at the calculated next sampling time.
  • Mis-typing or wrongly set decimal points are a common source of errors.
    -> eMPC runs a plausibility check for input variables.

1 Blaha J, Barteczko-Grajek B, Berezowicz P, charvat J, Chvojka J, Grau t et al. Space GlucoseControl system for blood glucose control in intensive care patients - a European multicentre observational study. BMC Anesthesiology 2016; 16:8.