Tibia / Targon® T

Interlocking nail system for tibia

Universal Tibia

  • The Targon® T universal interlocking nail for the tibia covers all indications for reamed nailing.
  • Classification of fracture localization according to the one-fifth method.
  • The three anatomical curvatures of 14°, 6° and 3° make nail insertion easy and provide further rotation stability.
  • No irritation of the patella tendon due to the chamfered proximal nail design.
  • The three interlocking holes spaced right at the proximal and distal ends allow maximum use of this standard method for tibial fixation, even for borderline indications. No risks associated with interlocking due to the transversely oriented holes.

Solid Titan Tibia

  • The Targon® T solid titanium interlocking nail for tibia is recommended for the unreamed primary treatment of shaft fractures in case of severe soft tissue damage. Solid nails made of titanium alloy reduce the risk of infection with open fractures. The high capability of the material to withstand alternating loads provides high fatigue strength.
  • The pointed nail end facilitates penetration of dense cancellous bone and makes effective dynamization possible.
  • The polygonal profile of the tibia nail provides higher strength for a smaller cross section when compared with a round nail profile.