Uro-Tainer® Polihexanide (0.02%)

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Irrigation solution for urinary catheters preventing and eliminating bacterial load on the catheter

As solution for the maintenance of indwelling urethral and suprapubic catheters, Uro-Tainer® Polihexanide 0.02% is used for routine decolonization (removal of bacteria) of the catheter by mechanical rinsing.

UT PHMB is well tolerated and can be used up to twice daily.


Videos about Uro-Tainer Polihexanide

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Key Material

Description Document Link
Study on the decolonization of urinary tract / Dr. Brill Results show superiority of UT Polihex vs saline but also vs no treatment
pdf (1.4 MB)
Catheter maintenance with Uro-Tainer Polihexanide The comprehensive catheter maintenance brochure with all Uro-Tainer solutions
pdf (10.1 MB)
Catheter maintenance with Uro-Tainer Polihexanide short version Catheter maintenance with focus on UT Polihexanide
pdf (4.8 MB)


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