Point of Care Ultrasound System for Regional Anesthesia and Vascular Access Procedures

Xperius® is a new Ultrasound system jointly developed by B. Braun and Philips which has been specifically designed to support the current and future needs in regional anesthesia and vascular access at the point of care.

Xperius® is typically used to perform Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia such as Peripheral Nerve Block and neuraxial applications as well as Ultrasound-assisted vascular access e.g. CVC, PICC, IVC placements and arterial accesses. Moreover it can be applied for abdominal examinations, lung scans and other diagnostic purposes.


RESPONSIVE: Designed around you … to fit seamlessly into the Anesthesiologists' care area

  • Advanced Ergonomics
  • Convenient Accessory Bins
  • High Mobility & Portability
  • Designed by Philips & B. Braun

ADVANCED: High performance technology … delivers exceptional image quality

  • High Definition Imaging
  • Enhanced Needle Visibility
  • New Generation of Probes

SIMPLE: Intuitive to experience and quick to use

  • Improved Workflow
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Touch Screen & Gesture Control
  • Dedicated Regional Anesthesia & Vascular Access Presets
  • High Connectivity

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