Askina® DresSil Border Lite

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Foam dressing with silicone adhesive and additional adhesive border

Askina® DresSil Border Lite is a sterile, skin-colored wound dressing that is soft, thin, discreet and conformable to anatomical contours. The dressing is breathable and manages non to low exuding wounds.


  • Thin, soft, discreet and conformable to different anatomical contours
  • Promotes optimal healing environment to minimize the risk of maceration; the moisture vapor can be transpired through the top of the dressing
  • Can be used towards the end of the healing process, where epithelializing wounds tend to produce less exudate
  • Protects and provides long lasting protection up to 7 days
  • Can be repositioned during application or lifted during wear time for observations
  • Minimal trauma to the wound bed
  • Minimal epidermal stripping
  • Minimal pain during removal
  • Waterproof polyurethane bacterial barrier film stops bacteria from entering the wound


Indicated for use on non to low exuding chronic and acute wounds, such as

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Leg & foot ulcers
  • Post-operative surgical wounds
  • Trauma wounds including lacerations, abrasions, skin tears and blisters
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns
  • Radiation damaged skin
  • Suitable to use under compression bandaging
  • Can be used on fragile skin


Askina® DresSil Border Lite is comparable to other commercially available Lite Foam Dressing in terms of:

  • Thickness
  • Total Fluid Handling Capacity

Better in terms of atraumatic removal2) 

Based on its lower maximum peel force observed in a comparative assessment, it is predicted that Askina® DresSil Border Lite will support atraumatic removal, minimizing pain associated with dressing changes, thus, improving patient comfort and facilitating dressing change procedures.

Lower lateral fluid migration2)

The lower lateral fluid migration observed in a comparative assessment may provide an effective protection to the periwound area and minimize the potential for skin maceration.

Ordering information:

Askina® DresSil Border Lite Size overall dressing | foam island Pieces/box Article number
  5,5 cm x 12 cm  10 5385210
  10 cm x 10 cm  10 5381010
  10 cm x 20 cm  10 5381210


1) P Williams et al: A Comparative in-vitro study to assess the performance characteristic of several foam dressings. EWMA 2018, Abstract #92

2) A Bugedo: Comparative Assessment of a Novel Thin Polyurethane Foam Dressing. EWMA 2017

Silicone adhesive



  • Traditional acrylic adhesive