B. Braun Adhesive Remover

Helps to remove stoma appliances

B. Braun Adhesive Remover helps to remove your stoma appliance.


  • Does not sting when applied*
  • Alcohol free
  • Preserves skin integrity*
  • Helps to remove of the adhesive and minimizes the negative impact on the skin* 


Advantages thanks to the bag-on-valve technology:

  • Safe & pure: material &  propellant are separated
  • Practical: can be used with the canister in any position and stored horizontally without leakage
  • Environmental benefits: uses an eco-friendly propellant, nitrogen, and is fully recyclable Discreet: spray is quiet to use 
  • Discreet: spray is quiet to use
  • Long shelf life: 3 years, substances contained by a four layer vacuum bag
  • Economic: no waste, and can be used until the cannister is completely empty



  • 100% Siloxanes (HMDSO)



For fast and painless removal of medical adhesives from skin surfaces.


*data on file