Be 1®

Stoma cover as an alternative to a colostomy bag

Be 1® is an addition to the Flexima® 3S two-piece stoma system.

With its compact design, this stoma cover represents an innovative concept for people with a colostomy. It is a combinable addition to the two-piece Flexima® 3S closed bag, which works with the same guided coupling system.

The stoma cover Be 1® comes with many different advantages: It is less noticeable than a colostomy bag, because it is smaller in size without a visible bag. That means no more crackling of the bag or bowel noises.


  • Available in diameters 55 mm and 65 mm
  • Color of device and integrated folded bag: beige
  • Size of close Be 1® stoma cover (nominal size): length 93 mm x width 70 mm (diam. 55 mm) and length 103 mm x width 81 mm (diam. 65mm)
  • A degassing button on the top of the device for active gas evacuation
  • Includes a folded colostomy bag with integrated filter
  • Capacity of unfolded colostomy bag (+/- 30ml; ISO 8670-2): 630 ml (diam. 55 mm) and 670 ml (diam. 65 mm)
  • Integrated foam cylinder on the device for noise reduction and hygiene reason
  • Safe system: automatically opening if the pressure in the stoma cover becomes too great.
  • Boxes of 10 or 30 devices
  • Corresponding flat wafer, Flexima® 3S or Flexima® 3S Be 1®, must be ordered separately (cut-to-fit/pre-cut 55 mm diameter or cut-to-fit/pre-cut 65 mm diameter)


In some documentation as the Instructions for use or the clinical study, Be 1® is named capsule or capsule cap. 


Be 1® two-piece system stoma cover is indicated for left colostomates. We recommend to use it with a Flexima® 3S Be 1® flat wafer corresponding to the chosen diameter.

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