Caiman® 5 Articulating

Articulating jaw tip

Caiman® 5 Articulating features a unique jaw design, providing uniform compression, resulting in one seal confidence. Caiman® 24 cm, 36 cm and 44 cm shaft is used for a variety of laparoscopic and open surgical applications with articulating tip.

The Caiman® 5 Articulating features a jaw engineered like no other. The Caiman® 5 Articulating is answering your surgical needs of a bipolar Seal & Cut device giving you more motion freedom during surgery within challenging anatomy.

Motion freedom in small spaces
The jaw tip features a short articulation mechanism for easy maneuvering in small spaces.

Efficient jaw tip positioning
The articulating tip allows a side view jaw visualization to allow precise positioning.

Perpendicular sealing
Articulation allows jaw positioning in a 90° angle to increase the robustness of the sealing line, as a perpendicular approach ensures the shortest sealing line.

Caiman® 5 Articulating