CoreHip® System

TEN Lines of Indication. ONE Instrumentation. MORE Individuality.

The CoreHip® stem series enables independent and separate realization of the individual offset and leg length, as well as reconstruction of the individual CCD angle as close to the patient‘s anatomy as possible.


The CoreHip® prostheses system is a system solution with primary- and extended-lines innovative concept with clinical evident design to address all primary and standard total hip arthroplasty indications.


The CoreHip® primary system consists of the indication lines standard, valgus, varus and dysplasia. The CoreHip® indication lines take into account different anatomical curves of the calcar femoris. The CoreHip® stem portfolio can be used with or without cement while separating stem anchorage and reconstruction of the hip joint center.
The AS CoreHip® stems are addressing metal hypersensivity with high resistance to metal ion release.


The patented CoreHip® system rasps allow implantation of all ten indication lines with one rasp line and allow an intraoperative decision for cementless or cemented implantation.

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