CSC-KOL® Intraluminal Stapler for Single Use

Innovation in low colorectal anastomosis with transanal control


CSC-KOL® Intraluminal Stapler for Single Use
  • Double housing volume
  • Traction holes
  • Power cut blade
  • Straight
  • Adjustable staple height
  • ASL – Built-in Automatic Safety Lock prevents accidental mis-firing
  • Adjustable staple closure height ranging from 1 mm to 2.5 mm

Technique​ for a real Transanal End-to-End Anastomosis​

Surgical Steps

Fig. 1

Transanally suture the distal staple line

  • Firstly stitch the left end of the staple line. Suture another three or four points until the right end of the staple line. (Fig. 1)
  • Pull the two groups of sutures into the right and left traction holes separately, by using the suture threader. (Fig. 2)
Fig. 2


  • Close the stapler into the green zone, while pulling the staple line into the housing and fire the stapler.
  • Check the specimen to make sure the complete resection of the distal staple line.
Fig. 3

The picture shows the benefits of a real transanal anastomosis without intersecting margins (dog ears) and crossings of staple lines, reducing the risk of leakages and stenosis. (Fig. 3)