Histoacryl® Octyl

The Solution For Wound Closure

Instruction for Use

  • The incision or trauma site must be clean and dry before applyingadhesive. Ensure that the wound edges are easily approximated. (Fig. 1)
  • Screw the Applicator Tip onto the threaded tube in a clockwise direction until the applicator is tight and seated on the tube. The applicator will puncture the foil membrane on the tube once seated and adhesive will be allowed to flow. (Fig. 2)
  • Hold the Micro tube tip downwards, and the 1mm version horizontal. Gently squeeze the tube from the bottom until the adhesive becomes visible through the applicator device. Keep the device pointed away from the patient, until ready to apply the adhesive. (Fig. 3)
  • While approximating skin edges, apply by squeezing the tube gently and continuously as you spread the adhesive back and forth over the wound site. Continue to hold the wound edges in approximation until the adhesive becomes tacky - typically less than 20 seconds. A smooth and even coat of adhesive is desirable. (Fig. 4)
  • Once adhesive has completely polymerised (non-tacky) you may cover the site with a secondary bandage. If a secondary bandage is used, DO NOT apply to the adhesive area until it is completely tack free. Applying whilst tacky may result in adhesive removal when removing the secondary bandage and possibly dehiscence of the wound site. (Fig. 5)
  • Discard adhesive device according to normal protocol after use. (Fig. 6)