Infusomat®plus Line Type Flush (for short-term infusions)

Dedicated IV administration set for short-term infusions (e.g. antibiotics)

Infusomat®plus Line Type Flushing Set are dedicated IV administration sets for the application of short term infusions (e.g. antibiotics) in combination with a connected secondary administration Set (Intrafix® Primeline). The lines are especially designed to improve short-term drug applications in combination with B. Braun Infusomat® compactplus. The line consists of PUR (not manufactured with PVC or with DEHP) and a silicon pump segment. The drip chamber is equipped with an AirStop filter (<15 μm pore size)  which avoids air entering the infusion system. At the end of the line each set has got a protective PrimeStop cap with a hydrophobic membrane which stops fluid leaking and protects against contamination. The color codes and shapes of the pump element guide the users while they are loading the pump quickly and safely.


  • Silicone pump segment for high delivery accuracy and long-term consistency (up to 96h usage time)
  • Printing pattern indicate correct loading
  • Different colored fastening clips on the lower and upper part of the silicone pump segment for easy and secure tubing guidance
  • Set based free-flow protection clamp, automatically clamps the line whenever the tubing is removed from the pump
  • Roller clamp with line holder and unique spike protector for safe disposal
  • Sharp piercing spike for easy piercing of different container ports
  • Bacteria-tight proven air vent, closable with handy snap cap
  • 20 drops 1 ml ± 0.1 ml
  • Fluid filter (<15 μm pore size) including AirStop membrane
  • Patient connector with PrimeStop cap. Ensures automatic priming and prevents fluid from dripping out. Maintains closed system until connected to the patient