Infusomat® Plus Line Type Dosifix®

I.V. administration set with dosing container and dedicated pump segment for gravity and pressure use up to 2 bar

Infusomat® Plus Line Type Dosifix® are the dedicated I.V. administration sets for the administration of standard infusions in combination with B.Braun Infusomat® Plus. The product consists of a 150ml burette as a dosing container, a PVC line (not manufactured with DEHP), alternatively a PUR line and a silicon pump segment. At the end of the tubing each set has a PrimeStop Cap. Below the burette, the drip chamber with AirStop membrane (<15 μm poresize) is located. In addition, one Infusomat® Plus Line Type Dosifix® variant includes PUR tubing and is UV-protected.



Convenient design with:

  • Piercing spike with bacteria-tight air vent for usage of all types of containers
  • Functional hanger for stabilization
  • 150ml burette
  • Safeflow admixture port for needle free drug admixture in dosing container
  • Highlighted scaling values and floating swimmer
  • Available with 20ml macro dropper
  • AirStop membrane (<15 μm poresize) (SafeSet version)
  • Safeflow Y-injection port for needle-free bolus injection
  • PrimeStop for leakage-free priming
  • Additional set based anti-free flow clamp, automatically clamps the line whenever the tubing is removed from the pump
  • Roller clamp for flexible adjustment of flow rates with integrated spike cover for safe disposal
  • Different set designs for different fields of application available
  • Compatible with dedicated infusion pumps, e.g. Infusomat® Plus 

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