MIN Modular Micro Instruments

Great modularity and adjustable working lengths and ends

Surgical procedures that reduce patient trauma have made minimally invasive procedures one of the main trends in surgery. However, the protection of the close-by organ regions and prevention of functional deficiency remain a challenging task. For this reason, we have designed a specially dedicated set of fine instruments – the Aesculap MIN set.

Modular micro instruments

The working length of the MIN micro instruments can be easily adjusted according to the anatomical conditions. Simply unscrew the handle, choose working, fix the handle, done. 


  • The round ergonomic golf ball handle design enables an easy and uniform rotation of the instrument and precise handling.
  • Stepless adjustment of working length between 6 and 16 cm. 
  • Noir® Aesthetic surface coating effectively reduces disturbing light reflections.


  • 6 handle designs (two straight handles and four bayonet shaped handles
  • 25 different working lengths

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