MIN Pivot-Point Forceps

For coagulation in deep seated and narrow surgical fields

Surgical procedures that reduce patient trauma have made minimally invasive procedures one of the main trends in surgery. However, the protection of the close-by organ regions and prevention of functional deficiency remain a challenging task. For this reason, we have designed a specially dedicated set of fine instruments – the Aesculap MIN set.

Pivot-Point Forceps

The Pivot-Point forceps were designed for bipolar coagulation in the deep seated and narrow surgical fields. Coagulating in these areas can be difficult as the forceps tips close and thus prevent current flow into the tissue. By applying additional force to the closed forceps, the Pivot-Point will reopen the tips and enable coagulation in these areas. 


  • Enable coagulation in deep seated and narrow surgical fields by re-opening of tips.
  • Noir® Aesthetic surface coating effectively reduces disturbing light reflections.


  • Slender working ends
  • Different tip shapes and working lengths
  • Yasargil handle

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