NSE Alpha™

Scoring Balloon Catheter for challenging lesions

The Scoring Balloon Catheter NSE Alpha is designed for precise dilatation across a wide range of lesion types. NSE Alpha has three scoring elements for a controlled scoring of the vessel wall and aimed to reduce slippage during inflation.

Non Slip Elements with a triangular cross section

  • The three scoring elements with a triangular cross section are embedded in the balloon folds to enable a small crossing profile
  • The change of balloon position (slippage) during inflation can be excluded because of the scoring elements
  • The scoring elements are only attached at the proximal and distal balloon ends. Therefore, a high flexibility can be guaranteed. The high flexibility combined with a low balloon profile results in a superior trackability, even in tortuous anatomies and difficult to reach lesions.

Effective slippage elimination during inflation

  • The triangular cross section of the scoring elements provides a higher and more focused transmission of pressure into the vessel wall which is responsible for a reduction of balloon slippage during inflation

Scoring balloon performance

  • The scoring elements score the plaque circumferentially by maintaining the elasticity of the vessel wall without negative side effects
  • NSE Alpha offers scoring balloon performance in calcified lesions

Solution Oriented Angioplasty

Our well-rounded coronary portfolio offers effective lesion preparation and therapeutic solutions. B. Braun's next generation of stents and balloon catheters features polymer-free drug delivery for improved clinical results.