PTA Scoring Balloon Catheter

Novel Scientific Engineering

  • For effective plaque modification and adequate expansion in peripheral arteries and AV fistula (de novo and restenotic lesions).
  • Provides an efficacious scoring effect when used for predilatation.


Low entry profile and flexible tip

  • Minimizing the tip profile reduces the gap with the wire and provides for better lesion penetration [3]

Flexible free floating elements

  • Improve deliverability even in complex lesions [3]
  • Provide for high trackability even in tortuous vessels [1]


Triangular shaped elements

  • Stabilize the balloon in the lesion during inflation [1]
  • Provide an efficacious scoring effect due to high concentrated force transmission [2]

[1] Taguchi I et al. Journal of Cardiology 2014;63:19-23.

[2] Ashida K, Hayase T, Shinmura T. Efficacy of lacrosse NSE using the "leopard-crawl" technique on severely calcified lesions. J Invasive Cardiol. 2013 Oct;25(10):555-64. PMID: 24088433.

[3] Data on file at GOODMAN Co. Ltd