Original Perfusor® Line NRFit® (Regional Anesthesia)

Extension Line for Regional Anesthesia products compatible with syringe pumps

The Original Perfusor® Line NRFit® is an extension line which connects the syringe and the patient access by NRFit® connectors. 

The Original Perfusor® Lines Type NRFit® are configured with dedicated regional anaesthesia connectors which only fit to dedicated devices for regional anaesthesia  (e.g. regional anaesthesia syringe with NRFit® connector). This avoids misconnections to other medical devices which are not intended for regional anaesthesia applications (e.g. IV-access ports).


  • NRFit® connectors avoid misconnections between Regional Anaesthesia and standard infusions
  • Translucent yellow tube 
  • Yellow color code ensures easy identification of Regional Anaesthesia devices
  • NRFit® connector designed according to ISO 80369-6
  • Pressure proof up to 2 bar
  • The tube is made of PUR, not manufactured with PVC, DEHP or Latex 
  • Tube diameter: 1.3 x 2.4 mm 
  • Available in 200 cm