Original Perfusor® Line PE UV-light protected (not manufactured with PVC)

Extension Line for IV administration of light sensitive drugs, compatible with syringe pumps

Original Perfusor® Line is an extiension line which connects the syringe and the patient access by Luer-Lock connectors. The line is equipped with a translucent orange UV-protected tube for the administration to light-sensitive drugs.


  • All light sensitive drugs are protected due to light protection up to 520 nm
  • Translucent orange tube 
  • Easier identification of light protected disposables because of characteristic orange color coding 
  • Available in different lengths (150 cm and 200 cm) 
  • Pressure proof up to 2 bar
  • The tube is made of PE (Polyethylene), not manufactured with PVC, DEHP or Latex 
  • Small tube diameter (1.0 x 2.0 mm) to reduce residual volume 
  • Low absorption characteristics for the use with high potent drugs
  • Excellent start-up characteristics
  • Short alarm time
  • Kink resistant because of hard tube material