Plasmafit® Dual Mobility

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Modular Dual Mobility articulation

Larger head diameters, improved surgical techniques and the use of improved materials contributed to a reduction of intraprosthetic joint dislocations paired with a higher joint stability.

An additional level for a treatment option for the acetabulum, offers the use of modular Dual Mobility liners that support postoperative joint stability and allow a high range of motion.

Dual Mobility liners can be used both in primary and revision surgeries. Especially under the aspect of a worldwide aging population a reduction of complications, e. g. for patients with a high risk of dislocation, is beneficial.

Plasmafit® Dual Mobility articulation in primary and revision surgeries for Plasmafit® Plus and Plasmafit® Revision

  • The Plasmafit® Dual Mobility concept adresses a high stability preventing hip joint dislocations
  • Complementing the proven Plasmafit® Family
  • Vitelene® highly crosslinked Vitamin E Dual Mobility head
  • Metal on Metal contact avoidance by ceramic multilayer coating on the outer side of the Dual Mobility liner
  • Dual Mobility treatment as of cup size 46 mm (ID ø 22.2 mm) and as of 52 mm (ID ø 28 mm)
  • Intraoperative flexibility in the choice of bearing options: Dual Mobility liner or Standard liner
  • Free 360° positioning of Dual Mobility liner in the cup
  • Instrument concept of Plasmafit® Family


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Plasmafit® Dual Mobility – Highlight Topics

Increased Corrosion Resistance

On the outside the Dual Mobility liner is coated with a ceramic multilayer coating. It is a seven layer coating concept that specifically supports the corrosion resistance of the outer surface of the liner.
The inner side is highly polished and serves as the articulation surface for the Vitelene® Dual Mobility head and offers good gliding properties as well as abrasion reduction.

Reduced Wear & Oxidation

The Dual Mobility Head is made of Vitelene®, a highly crosslinked polyethylene stabilized with vitamin E. Vitamin E provides long term oxidation protection by binding free radicals through the release of H atoms and thus provides long term protection against oxidation.

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One Acetabular Cup System

The AESCULAP® Plasmafit® Family provides an acetabular solution for total hip joint replacements. It covers indications from primary up to revision treatments. Patient-specific requirements are addressed in one system and complement each other using the same instruments, inlays, design parameters and surgical procedure.

Plasmafit® Dual Mobility liners can be combined with all cup options of the Plasmafit® Plus and Plasmafit® Revision cup implants. In case of revision with a stable and firmly seated Plasmafit® Plus or Revison cup, the surgery can be performed with the Plasmafit® Dual Mobility articulation without revising the cup.

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Plasmafit® Plus is intended for the combined treatment with Biolox® delta ceramic, Vitelene® or conventional polyethylene as well as Plasmafit® Dual Mobility articulating options. The cup's wall thickness allows additional screw holes for an optional use of cancellous fixation screws.

  • Universal cup implant line with screwing option
  • Thick cup design offers the use of ceramic, polyethylene or Dual Mobility liners
  • Cup option with no, 3 or 7 screw holes
  • Proven PLASMAPORE® surface
  • Closing plug for cup line without screw holes
  • Dual Mobility starting with cup size 46 mm

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The design of the Plasmafit® Revision internal geometry allows an intraoperative selection of modular liners for the treatment with Vitelene® or conventional polyethylene as well as Plasmafit® Dual Mobility articulation options. To achieve good stability in larger acetabular defects, the design has a total of five holes for screw anchoring.

  • Implant line for primary and revision treatment
  • Cup design with oblong screw hole options
  • 3 screw holes cranially, 2 caudally
  • Additive titanium surface
  • Polyethylene or Dual Mobility liner
  • Dual Mobility starting with cup size 46 mm

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Plasmafit® instruments offer one platform solution for the entire Plasmafit® system by adding specific Dual Mobility instruments.
The instrument package and the continuation of the family concept allow intraoperative flexibility in the choice of bearing options. Both, Dual Mobility trial liners or standard trial liners can be selected for the combination with the acetabular cup.