Plasmafit® Revision

Cementless acetabular revision – your solution within the Plasmafit® Family

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Plasmafit® Revision is an acetabular cup system for both primary treatment and revisions of differently located acetabular defect situations.

The hemispherical shape and the laser-sintered titanium structure of the acetabular cup provide high primary stability. To achieve good stability for larger acetabular defects, the design has a total of five options for anchoring screws.

In addition, Structan® Augments can be combined with the Plasmafit® Revision cup for treating larger defects.

Plasmafit® Revision – Characteristics

  • High grip thanks to very rough, laser-sintered titanium surface
  • Cup design offering several options for screw anchoring
  • Two cranial oblong holes for greater flexibility of screw fixation
  • The hex connection offers rotational stability during cup implantation
  • Roughened surface of inner cone for rotationally stable liner fixation

Plasmafit® Revision – Combinations

  • Vitelene® highly crosslinked polyethylene liners with vitamin E
  • Six liner options for individual fitting solutions
  • Free 360° positioning of the liners
  • Fixation screws ø 6.5 mm
  • Combination with Structan® Augments

Surgical Video

  • Plasmafit® Revision & Structan® Augments

    Acetabular Reconstructions

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Plasmafit® Revision – Highlight Topics

Laser-Sintering Technology

The profile structure of the Plasmafit® Revision cup surface is characterized by a special, very rough Structan® titanium structure. The structure is produced by an additive 3D printing process. This laser-sintering process permits precise and continuous shaping of the porous and dense implant design structures.

Intraoperative Flexibility

Plasmafit® Revision permits an intraoperative selection of modular liners made of Vitelene® as well as Dual Mobility liners.
Plasmafit® Revision has three single-hole screw holes and two oblong holes. To bridge larger defects, an acetabular Structan® Augment can be additionally implanted.

One Instrument Concept

Based on the consistent instrumentation concept of the primary Plasmafit® Acetabular Cup System, Plasmafit® Revision takes the idea of smart instrumentation further. Only a few additional specific instruments are required for implanting Plasmafit® Revision. This contributes to a simplified procedure.

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The Plasmafit® Dual Mobility concept addresses a high stability preventing hip joint dislocations. 

Plasmafit® Dual Mobility liners can be combined with all cup options of the Plasmafit® Plus and Plasmafit® Revision cup implants. Dual Mobility combination is possible starting with cup size ø 46 mm.

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The design of the Plasmafit® Revision inner geometry permits an intraoperative selection of modular liners made of Vitelene® as well as Dual Mobility liners.

Large-area conical fixation in the cone area of the cup is used to anchor the Plasmafit® Revision liners. The rough titanium inner surface reduces relative movements of the liner to a few micrometers. The conical fixation surface area of the Plasmafit® Revision polyethylene liners also forms a seal against the migration of polyethylene particles from the articulating joint, thus reducing the risk of an osteolysis adjacent to the screw holes.

The Vitelene® Revision liners have a special geometrical shape with a snap connection. This enables mechanical fixation in the Plasmafit® Revision cup. The snap mechanism consists of the protruding snap lip at the upper end of the conical area of the liner and a small gap. The geometry of the inner cup reflects this protruding rim. This snap connection provides the revision liner with an additional anchoring option. The small gap / recess at the cup entrance plane is used to remove the liner in case of a revision.

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Bone defects can exceed the shape and size of the dimension of the revision cup. For stable anchoring and to bridge larger defects, an acetabular Structan® Augment can be additionally implanted.

Structan® Augments consist of a titanium alloy and permit the filling of defects, providing a stable grid structure and high surface roughness. The augments are adapted to the diameter of the Plasmafit® Revision cup. The diameter of the revision cup should be within a range of ±4 mm of the size of the selected Structan® Augments.

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