SeQuent® SCB

Sirolimus coated balloon catheter for PTCA

B. Braun´s new sirolimus coated balloon is the first SCB backed up with published randomized clinical trials for ISR and de-novo.[2,3,4] SeQuent® SCB now offers new implant-free options for treating coronary ISR and de-novo lesions, providing excellent results in targeted drug delivery and sirolimus persistence.

The combination of sirolimus and BHT creates the desired crystalline sirolimus modification to reach best results regarding sirolimus vessel wall content compared to other excipients.[1]


  • 4 µg/mm² sirolimus + BHT coating:
    • Long retention of sirolimus in the vessel wall [1]
    • 40 to 50% of the siroliumus are still within the vessel wall after 1 month [1]
  • Proven in published multicenter RCTs for ISR de-novo [2,3,4]
  • 1 inflation only
  • 1 month DAPT in stable CAD patients

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