SmartVue® 2D Camera Platform

Produces true to life images

  • CMOS chip technology produces true to life Images
  • 4k image visualization in combination with 2D 4K monitor
  • Three different 2D camera heads allow a wide range of applications
  • Optical parfocal zoom lens with 2x magnification for detail magnification
  • Multiple camera functions can be activated via the remote control buttons on the camera head
  • Special modes support the camera settings for the respective indication
  • Progressive scan technology provides a delay-free monitor image
  • The 16:9 aspect ratio expands the field of view and allows earlier recognition of instruments
  • Camera head design supports fatigue-free operation
  • Integrated bus system controls activation / standby function of the LED light source from the sterile area
  • Easy to use locking mechanism for fixing the endoscope in the desired position