Sol-Can® A

Acidic bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrates in 1+34 and 1+44 with 4.7L filling volume

Sol-Can® A is a canister filled with 4.7L of acidid bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrates availbale in both mixing ratios. With a clear focus on handling and sustainability Sol-Can® A can optimize dialysis treatmens on a daily basis and make dialysis treatments greener. 


  • larger opening ensures easy insertion of suction rod 
  • reduction of opening force by 30% with the new screw-cap 
  • easy to position under the machine 
  • ergonomic, unisex handle fits well in any hand and makes it possible to carry the canisters in one hand 
  • residual volume of less than 50ml achieved by new canister design 
  • stackable canister due to dome-shaped base improves transportation of the canister and minimizes the packaging material 
  • clearly structured labelling improves readability and logging of relevant data 
  • full transparency of the canister for a clear view on the filling volume 


  • new material of the canister eases recycling process
  • 100 % recycable canister
  • 56g less plastic compared to former canister results in a saving potential for an average center of more than 800kg plastic per year*
  • reduction of product carbon footprint by 17% compared to former canister by optimizing production processes 

*Assumption 100 patients 

Product Range

  • 15 formulations in 1+44
  • 15 formulations in 1+34