Spaceplus Infusomat®

Large Volume Infusion Pump

Advanced. Superior. Digital.

The Spaceplus Infusomat® offers the latest technology of high precision infusions in combination with our superior Infusomat® Space Lines for intravenous, epidural, parenteral and enteral applications.


  • +‐ 3% delivery accuracy in combination with Infusomat® Space Lines
  • Efficient Freeflow protection with device and set‐based anti‐freeflow clamps
  • Customized operating user interface guidance – more convenience based on human factors testing
  • IP44 moisture protection: Best in class protected against water splashed from all directions


  • Large colour touch display: high resolution visible from all angles for safe operation and usable with wet gloves
  • Usable as stand‐alone device with integrated WiFi, power supply and handle and compatible with the Spaceplus Station
  • Remote Updates / Upgrades of Software and DrugLibraries at the point of care without influencing clinical workflows
  • Dedicated Infusomat® Space Lines covering all therapy areas: infusion, pain, nutrition, blood, enteral, epidural, light‐protection, cytostatics


  • Cybersecurity: end‐to‐end data encryption fulfills high requirements
  • Data communication towards EMR / PDMS systems via HL7 interface, Ethernet and WiFi
  • Single pump connectivity via WiFi, bedplace connectivity via Spaceplus Datamodule
  • Drug Library Manager establish customized drug data bases for different care units, patient profiles with individual drug colour codes and dosage limits

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