SQ.line® Orthopaedic Instruments

Reinventing Surgical Instruments

Learn more about our new SQ.line® orthopaedic basic instruments focusing on easier reprocessing and improved ergonomics for the orthopaedic surgeon.
We improve daily work in CSSD by providing easier visual inspection, time savings during reprocessing and at the same time safety for staff and patients.


  • The unique design provides 70 % more grip in comparison to previous products. The result: less force to achieve a safe grip during use.
  • Ergonomically designed instruments reduce pressure points and joint stress.
  • 25% less force is needed to cut through wires compared to previous products.
  • >50% reduction in difficult-to-inspect areas – means visual inspection is faster and easier.
  • Manual pre-cleaning steps can be eliminated with fully machine-cleanable instruments, resulting in time savings up to 12 minutes in handling time.


  • User-friendly weight and balance for smoother handling of the instruments.
  • Interchangeable jaws open up more possibilities for repair.
  • All instruments are made entirely from stainless steel. Without critical interfaces to other materials.
  • One-piece spring mechanism means there is no risk of screws loosening or accidental opening of the spring during use.