Structan® Augments

Augments for acetabular revision

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With moderate segmental defects, an acetabular revision intervention is particularly demanding when it comes to choosing the implant and filling the defect with augmentations. The aim is to securely anchor the acetabular augment components in the area of the bone defect, the shape and size of which may exceed the dimensions of the revision socket.

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  • Plasmafit® Revision & Structan® Augments

    Acetabular Reconstructions

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Structan® augments are made of a titanium alloy and make it possible to fill the defect with a stable grid structure with a very rough surface, as well as functional matching elements for implanting and screwing the acetabular implant into position.
They are manufactured using a laser sintering process, which makes it possible to shape the porous and impervious implant design structures exactly.

Structan® Augmenst range from size 48-68 mm, in 4 mm increments. Each size is available in five different heights: 12-30 mm, in 4 mm increments.
Two different fixation screws are available in the lengths of 16-68 mm, in 4 mm increments:

  • Ø 6.5 mm Fixation screws (blue) – transfixational screw
  • Ø 4.5 mm Fixation screws (pink) – fixation of the augment only

The augments match the diameter of the revision cup. The diameter of the revision cup should be within a range of +/- 4 mm of the size of the selected Structan® augmentation.

Cranial (contained or uncontained) defects, are appropriate for the combined implantation of an uncemented press-fit socket and an augment. Plasmafit® Plus 3/7 and Plasmafit® Revision cups are available cementless pressfit cups of AESCULAP® to be combined with Structan® augments.
Cranial (contained) defect situations are appropriate for the combined implantation of a cemented polyethylene socket and an augment. AESCULAP® UHMWPE and Vitelene® cemented flat profile cups are available.