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Urine drainage bag with needle free sample port after TUR

The 4L bag is a large capacity bag to be used after surgery, e.g. after Prostate surgery and more specifically Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), where irrigation with a large amount of Saline solution is needed.


  • 4 L urine sterile drainage bag with graduation, rounded shape
  • 2 hanging systems: rope hangeror universal double-hook for bed fixation
  • Needle free silicone sampling port on universal connector eliminating the risk of needle stick injury
  • Transparent drip chamber with anti-reflux valve to reduce the risk of retrograde bacteria migration into the drainage tube and to prevent cross-contamination
  • Non-drip cross-outlet with stopper to avoid urine splash while bag emptying. The cross-outlet can be stored in a protective cap fixed on the bag to avoid contamination
  • Flexible and kinking resistant tube of 100cm length
  • Bed sheet clip
  • Available in two versions: standard (4801020) and with pump (4801030)
  • Used in combination with a three ways prostatic catheters
  • Contains PVC


After prostate surgery and more specifically Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), the most frequent operative technique for prostate problems: the bladder needs to be irrigated with a large amount of Saline solution during 2-3h. The pouches of Saline solution contain normally 3L and for the safety of the patient, the collection bag has to be larger, usually 4L, to avoid the risk of high pressure in the bladder.

Ordering information Urine bag 4 L:

  Tubing length Tubing diameter Reference Units/box
Urimed® SP 100cm 9mm 28610 10
Urimed® SP 100cm 9mm 28650 50

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