VascuFlex® 3-LOC

Focal stenting system

VascuFlex® 3-LOC is a multiple stent system for focal stenting. Three 30 or 40 mm short self-expanding nitinol stents on one delivery system can be individually implanted to treat stenoses and occlusions of the peripheral arteries. The VascuFlex® 2-LOC / 3-LOC is indicated for lower extremity peripheral artery disease in vessels whose anatomical dimensions correspond to the available stent sizes. The idea of focal stenting is to reduce the metal content in the arteries and to maintain the biomechanical properties of the vessel.

Product range

  • 6F delivery system
  • 0.035" guide wire lumen
  • 5 - 8 mm stent diameter
  • 3 x 30 or 40 mm short stents
  • 80 cm & 130 cm shaft length


  • Focal stenting instead of "full metal jacket"
  • Short stents with open cell design for high flexibility