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DiaStream with recirculation system for priming and reinfusion with one 1,000 ml container

Ecoprime is the innovative system for easy and safe implementation of pre / post processing of dialysis treatment. Instead of the usual two NaCl containers, only one container is now needed for the complete dialysis session.

1,000 ml of NaCl solution is sufficient for filling and rinsing the extracorporeal system, as well as returning the blood. Moreover, the user can decide which of the common filling and rinsing procedures is best suited.

A combination of proven components eliminates the need for a second NaCl container. One of these components is the Discofix C three-way stopcock. It enables the desired amount of NaCl solution to be measured out reliably and accurately from only one container - from filling through to infusion. And it does so without restricting patient safety or treatment quality.

In addition, the bloodline system is immediately ready and easy to operate because of the pre-connected components.
Advantages of the Ecoprime system:

  • One 1,000 ml container of NaCl solution for the entire dialysis treatment
  • Recirculation or single path possible
  • Easier application while maintaining dialysis quality


For more information please contact:

Aytac Yakici | Product Manager HD Bloodlines | Phone: +49 151 670 216 51 | Email: aytac.yakici@bbraun.com

Ecoprime - Single Path Procedure