SeQuent® Please NEO

Next generation coronary Drug Coated Balloon to treat vascular stenosis

SeQuent® Please NEO is the next generation Drug Coated Balloon for the PTCA. Thanks to B. Braun's proprietary polymer-free paclitaxel / iopromide drug coating technology, SeQuent® Please NEO provides a targeted drug delivery. Clinically proven, it offers new procedural options for the cardiologists in their daily cath lab routine towards various lesion types and patient groups.


  • Downsized tip profile, smaller balloon profile and optimized shaft body design for improved flexibility, trackability and pushability
  • Enlarged product portfolio (49 different sizes, up to 40 mm in length)
  • Proven coating technology (matrix coating with Iopromid and Paclitaxel)
  • Comprehensive clinical evidence (110+ published studies, 25,000+ patients documented in various indications)