Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System with Innovative Surface Technology

The high incidence of spinal disorders and consecutive symptoms call for optimized diagnostics and therapies. Minimally invasive surgical procedures are of particular interest. Minimally invasive spine surgery relies on various retractor systems to create small ventral and dorsal access channels to the spine. At the same time innovative implants reducing tissue trauma and new percutaneous surgical techniques are growing in popularity. Accordingly, the S4® Element System, the Spine Classics retractor system and the TSPACE®XP interbody for intercorporal fusion form a sophisticated treatment concept. In this way, minimally invasive mono- and bisegmental fusion surgeries at the lumbar spine can be successfully performed. The TSPACE®XP system provides an intuitive and easy-handling inserter which allows straightforward insertion of the implants. The bulleted nose has been taken over from the PEEK version to facilitate the implantation of the cage especially in very degenerated discs.


  • Material of the implant: PEEK-OPTIMA coated with Aesculap®XP 
  • Porosity of up to 60 % creates an optimal surface-to-bone contact
  • Improved visibility during imaging through Aesculap®XP and tantalum marker pins – Avoids artifacts under CT and MRI control 
  • Enhanced implant stability provided by the roughened surface 
  • Bullet nose for easier implantation especially in very degenerated discs 
  • New articulating interbody inserter for intuitive and easy interbody positioning

System components: Lengths: 26, 30, 34 mm Heights: 7-13 mm in 1 mm increments, 15 mm, 17 mm Width: 11.5 mm Angle: 5°