VascuFlex® Multi-LOC

Spot stenting system

VascuFlex® Multi-LOC is a multiple stent system for spot stenting. Six 13 mm short self-expanding nitinol stents on one delivery system, can be individually implanted to treat stenoses and occlusions of the peripheral arteries. An important indication of the VascuFlex® Multi-LOC is the treatment of vascular lesions in arterial segments subject to strong mechanical strain by bending and stretching, such as for instance the distal superficial femoral artery or the popliteal artery.

Product range

  • 6F delivery system
  • 0.035" guide wire lumen
  • 5 - 8 mm stent diameters
  • 6 x 13 mm short stents
  • 80 cm & 130 cm shaft lengths


Biomechanical challenges in femoropopliteal arteries

Potential complications of long stents and consequences

  • Stent fractures
  • Disturbance of natural vessel movement
  • Chronic vessel wall trauma
  • Restenosis
  • Reocclusions
  • Reinterventions


Multiple stent system

  • System with two or three 30 or 40 mm short, freely positionable stents
  • Stent diameters 5 - 8 mm for femoropopliteal lesions
  • Cover lesions only where it is needed

Proven pin and pull delivery system

  • Facilitates controlled and precise stent implantation
  • ePTFE-liner for smooth-running and uniform stent release
  • Radiopaque platin markers (on the inner catheter)
  • Platinum marker band on outer catheter

VascuFlex® Multi-LOC

Multiple stent system


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    Webinar 12th August 2020

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    Intervention SFA right with SeQuent® Please OTW & VascuFlex® Multi-LOC

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    Dr. Amendt explained why the multiple stent system is a unique andexciting treatment option, and which future projects are planned with the VasuFlex® Multi-LOC system.