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  • "We Just Live. We really live."

    Madita and Sarah are two young women who love their life. And they love life although they both suffer from a serious disease. This year’s World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day is being held under the motto “Tell us your story.” Madita and Sarah have done exactly that.

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  • The man, the dog, and the sea

    What does Marco Rossato love the most? The ocean. Nowhere else is he as perfectly happy as when he’s on his sailboat. And nowhere else does he spend each and every minute of his spare time. Until the day everything changed: Following a severe motorcycle accident, his lower body became paralyzed. Hardly anyone believed he would ever steer a sailboat again – except for Marco himself. This summer he sailed around the entire Italian peninsula accompanied by his best friend, Muttley the dog.

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  • A Backpack against Travel Nerves

    When the cities become empty in summer time and the beaches fill, there is one phenomenon to occur: the travel bug. Hardly anyone is immune to it. Not even the people who are dependent on parenteral nutrition. However, often logistical challenges and health risks seem to be too insurmountable to dare setting out for a journey. But is this true?

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