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  • When sharing saves lives

    Long before she completed her medical studies and took the Hippocratic Oath, she was obsessed with protecting the lives and health of people. Not only through her work as a physician, but with something she just shared. Her blood. The 31-year-old has now donated blood 41 times; to small babies, to mothers during childbirth or to seriously injured accident victims. That is exactly why she was honored by the city authorities with a merit award this year. But how did she start donating blood, and what was her motivation?

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  • Why experiments generally win

    When people manage to overcome their own limits, a special power is created that moves everything forward – including medical technology.

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  • My second first breath

    The call came on the morning of December 31, 2015. At this time, Klaus-Dieter Maas living in the Eifel region in Germany was 30 years old. The doctors had given him a maximum of twelve months to live. Still, up until this point there had been nothing unusual about this day: he was in hospital - as he so often was. The antibiotics were not working - as they so often did. His lungs were severely affected - as it had been the case for a long time now. When his mobile phone rang, it was 9.00 am. Klaus looked at the display. He didn’t recognize the number. Was this the phone call he’d been waiting for the past eight months? As he answered a voice said, "Mr. Maas, we have a lung for you. Are you ready?"

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