The Future of Sutures

What about you? How do you imagine the future of sutures?

In B. Braun, innovation is one of our core values. Share with us how you imagine wound closure in the future and we will help you to turn it into reality.

Share your idea with B. Braun and let’s turn it into reality!

Your partner from concept to a successful wound closure device

In 1908 for the first time ever, B. Braun developed, produced and commercialized the first sterile suture material.
This was only one of our contributions to the history of wound care therapy.
New, revolutionary solutions are still being developed to this day through the exchange of ideas between scientific research and clinical practice.
As one of the world's leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare solutions, we are looking for medtech innovators with great ideas, products or technologies willing to make an impact in Wound Closure.
Share your idea with us and let’s turn into reality!