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Lumbar disc prosthesis

activL® is the lumbar disc prosthesis for the motion preserving treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine. The main objectives of the treatment are fast pain reduction and the preservation/restoration of segmental function and motion. The specific design of activL® allows the protection of the adjacent level. The uniplanar translational movement of activL® is designed to minimize biomechanical stress at the facet joints and to avoid facet joint arthrosis in a medium- and long-term prospect.


  • Unique translational movement to avoid biomechanical stress at the facet joint
  • Unique translational movement for an effective protection of the adjacent disc levels
  • Anterior and antero-lateral approach possible
  • Specific instrumentation for the antero-lateral approach
  • Design of prosthesis plates adapted to the anatomy of vertebral body endplates
  • Specific prosthesis design treatment of L5-S1
  • Plasmapore® coating for a fast and safe bony integration of the prosthesis plates to the vertebral body endplates
  • Spikes and/or Keels as primary stability structures. Can be used together in any combination.


  • Unique translational movement
  • Convex prosthesis plates
  • Anatomical adapted footprint
  • Differentiated implant design for L5-S1
  • Spikes and/or Keel
  • Plamapore® coating
  • Specific PE material for the Inlay
  • Smallest height with 8.5 mm
  • Instrumentation for the lateral approach
  • Free choice of direction of approach (angulation)
  • Revision instruments


Motion preserving total disc replacement (TDR)/disc arthroplasty in case of:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) with leg and/or back pain and/or neurological deficits in legs and/or feet with or without disc herniation.
  • Lumbar discopathy and / or black disc syndrome.
    Monosegmental or bisegmental disc degeneration between L3-S1.
  • Without significant degeneration of the facet joints.
  • Without significant instability.
  • Preoperative disc height of at least 3-4 mm.

Scientific Studies

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Video Skydiving activ® L

Lumbar Artifical Disc


  • Video Revision activ® L

    Lumbar Artifical Disc

  • Video Standard Features activ® L

    Lumbar Artificial Disc

  • Video L5-S1 Features activ® L

    Lumbar Artifical Disc

  • Video Spike Version Midline Approach activ® L

    Lumbar Artifical Disc

  • Video Spike Version Pararectus Approach activ® L

    Lumbar Artifical Disc

  • Video Keel Version Midline Approach activ® L

    Lumbar Artifical Disc

  • Video activ® L Lateral Approach with activ® O

    Lumbar Artifical Disc and Anterior Lumbar Retractor System