Lyoplant® Onlay

Biological Onlay dura substitution

Lyoplant® Onlay is a biological, absorbable dura substitute consisting of a bilayer membrane, designed to provide high ease of use.
The product stands out due to the fast application, the easy handling, the versatile usage, and the reliable treatment for the patient. [1-9]


  • Simple, time-saving Onlay application with the possibility to incorporate suture fixation if necessary. [1,2,4,6]
  • One dura substitute for various indications. [2-5]
  • High liquid tightness of the implant supports preventing CSF leakages. [1,2,4,5,9]
  • High tensile strength of the implant prevents suture pull-out. [2,6,9]
  • Integrates with the body’s own connective tissue cells. [1,2]


Lyoplant® Onlay is indicated for the replacement and extension of connective tissue structure in neurosurgery.

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