Mini-Plasco® connect

Plastic ampoule

Mini-Plasco® connect contains the complete SVP product portfolio - concentrates, phosphates, high alert medications, injectable drugs - and is therefore used for

  • dissolving or diluting liquid or powdered drugs
  • energy and electrolyte balance of the patient, by adding concentrates to an infusion container or direct injection
  • flushing IVC, CVC, PICC, port systems, etc.
  • general and local anesthesia
  • cleaning small injuries, moistening wound dressings or respirators, eye irrigation, etc.
  • storage of biopsy samples, etc.


Its design, featuring a Luer connector and a twistoff cap with integrated finger stopper offers the following benefits:

  • reducing microbial and particle contamination
  • help to protect against needle-related injuries and sharps injuries
  • reduction of handling steps
  • promotion of intuitive handling
  • worry free storage and handling
  • eliminating of DEHP, PVC and latex related risks


  • Single dose container
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Volumes: Available in 5ml, 10ml and 20ml