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Deliver an authentic brand experience

We are transforming our brand to support our organizational change and to bring the business strategy to life. It helps to pave the way for B. Braun to be successful when entering new business areas and to actively shape the future of health care. 

Brand strategy

Hold on to what drives us

We protect and improve the health of people around the world. The following two principles make this tangible and trustworthy in our brand.

B. Braun has always been a human-centered brand.

Sharing Expertise remains essential to our brand’s DNA and conveys our approach of being a true partner. Based on strong values, the principle of humanity is a solid pillar of success.



Emphasize technological progress

With this pioneering spirit, B. Braun has shaped health care. Our commitment to innovation and the power of technology paves the way to a more digital and progressive future.

Unite the two principles

Deliver a customer-oriented experience

As a true partner, we enhance lives by developing smart solutions. We set standards based on deep understanding and know-how. With these strengths and the power of technology we continue to drive advancements in health care.

Brand experience

Four key principles lead the way

We always focus on the essentials by keeping things straight and precise. We give people an authentic impression of who we are and what we offer.

We always interact directly and personally. Our strong sense of humanity enables an emotional connection with the brand.

We constantly challenge the way our brand reflects what we do and how we interact with others. With our forward-looking attitude and ambition our effort will make a difference.

Our open mindset creates new perspectives. We exploit diverse expressions to build a positive and inspiring brand environment.

Technology meets humanity

Bringing our brand design to life

Brand signals

How we express our brand personality 


Our logo

The responsive logo provides optimized legibility. It works great in all sizes.


Our colors

The distinctive color range provides consistency and embraces a vibrant look.


Our typeface

The B. Braun company font Rotis is full of character. It is best expressed in sentence case and is perfectly legible.


Our pictograms

The pictograms focus on simplicity to communicate quickly and effectively.


Our imagery

The style of photography creates emotional,high-quality images in authentic settings - always focusing on the essential.


Our UI elements

The components and user interactions are designed clearly and simply.


Our design principle

The highly flexible design principle is adaptable to all formats.

Hold on to what drives us

We protect and improve the health of people around the world

For more than 180 years, we have shaped health care with our pioneering spirit and groundbreaking contributions.The updated brand builds on this strong DNA to successfully shape new business areas. 

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More information

Extended Brand Guide

Our B. Braun Brand Guide provides details about our self-understanding, brand strategy and brand design. It also offers you useful templates.
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