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B. Braun Innovation Hub

Let's drive innovation together

We are actively pushing the boundaries of technology in health care. Through aligned research and development processes, focused investments as well as strategic partnerships. We drive the development of cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve clinical outcomes, cost of care and patient satisfaction.

Our focus fields

We are focusing in the fields of primary importance

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Improved manufacturing and patient specific solutions within our business areas.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Realizing customer value using unique properties of advanced materials.



Generating data as the core of protecting and improving people’s health.



Support healthcare professionals by robotic solutions.

Innovation process

Present your ideas

Let´s drive innovation - together!


Many paths to innovation

Medical technology thrives on new ideas. This combines the best of both: the experience and implementation expertise of a global corporation like B. Braun and the speed and creativity of start-ups.

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