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Wound Management

Remove barriers to wound healing. In every sense.

Even a minor injury can turn into a chronic wound. That is why the success of wound treatment depends on the condition of the wound, the preparation of the wound bed and the correct choice of dressing besides other factors. B. Braun offers a holistic approach to wound management which includes wound infection management, exudate management and skin care.

Wound infection management

Help to prevent and treat wound infections

Chronic wounds get not only colonized by pathogens, like bacteria but can also become infected. This compromises not only the normal healing process but may impact patient’s quality of life. Even minor wounds can lead to fatal sepsis.

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Prevention and management of wounds

A holistic approach

B. Braun offers a combination of products and concepts designed to improve the outcome in the prevention​ and management of chronic wounds as well as the treatment of burns. ​


Manage biofilm

Biofilms can be difficult to detect. But biofilm is undoubtedly a key factor of chronic wound infection and delayed wound healing.

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Manage pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers are frequent. They can develop quickly, and they are associated with substantial health​ burden. But: They may be preventable with the help of a holistic approach.​

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Manage burns efficiently

Anyone can suffer from a burn and depending on its severity, different treatment concepts are required. B. Braun has specialized in the management of severe burns. 

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Liesl Naude

Wound Management Specialist, South Africa

“The use of an anti-biofilm wound cleanser product together with a silver dressing as an antimicrobial demonstrated significant improvement in healing time. The shorter healing time and resolution of infection within the 2–4 week period has resulted in a more than 60% cost reduction.“

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